Loving Lydia

loving-lydiaWho holds the stronger moral influence? The saint or the sinner? And can they possibly find happiness with each other?

Lady Lydia Demains, a morally upright and tenderly naive young woman, arrives in London. Orphaned at the age of ten and raised in a country vicarage, Lydia is sent to an uncle at the age of ten and nine to be presented into London society. Well versed in the Bible and taught to always find the proper answer to life’s little consternations within its pages, Lady Lydia is confounded by London society, especially the Wake families’ eldest heir, Lord Alex.

With little to occupy his time, Lord Alex finds himself at the gaming tables, brothels, or his favorite club – anything but pursuing the marriage-minded misses of London. While daughters, mothers and gossip columnists pursue him, Lady Lydia tries to avoid him.  But does society really know him as well as they think?  Is Lord Alex a debauched soul, or has it all been an act, to cover the truth of his actions?

            If rumors are to be believed, Lord Alex has a dark side. But what do proper young women know of such things? What happens when the supposed sinner and the saint fall in love? And the truth comes to light when the saint is sucked into the dark world of the sinner? Can he save her and their love?


Loving Lydia available soon from Second Wind Publishing