Pure is the Heart

pure-is-the-heartOn the brink of a revolution, fourteen-year-old Elise LeNoir, instructed by her grandmother, writes a letter to a distant relative. The letter finds its way into the hands of Hunter Radley, Earl of Weatherly, and the two begin a correspondence that carries them through the French Revolution, Hunter becoming Lord Westwood, and until the time Elise must flee France after her parents are arrested and guillotined. Upon reaching the shores of England, Elise makes her way to Westwood’s estate, only to arrive on the night of his betrothal ball to Lady Delia.

            Raised to love and honor God above all, with roots in Catholicism, Elise struggles with her sins and must come to terms with her faith as she seeks redemption in a country where her religion is basically illegal. She knows her sins keep her from God and will not allow her transgressions to darken Hunter’s soul. To do so, she must distance herself and fight her growing love for him. 

            Hunter put in much time and effort when he chose Lady Delia to be his wife. It was not a love match, but one of two families uniting. Out of dozens of young women in society, not one made his breath catch or his heart beat fast. Not until Elise LeNoir arrived at his home. Bound by a betrothal and plagued by the guilt of his betrayal and disloyalty toward Delia, Hunter seeks answers from his minister, the Word and in prayer. 

Pure is the Heart available soon from Second Wind Publishing


Loving Lydia

loving-lydiaWho holds the stronger moral influence? The saint or the sinner? And can they possibly find happiness with each other?

Lady Lydia Demains, a morally upright and tenderly naive young woman, arrives in London. Orphaned at the age of ten and raised in a country vicarage, Lydia is sent to an uncle at the age of ten and nine to be presented into London society. Well versed in the Bible and taught to always find the proper answer to life’s little consternations within its pages, Lady Lydia is confounded by London society, especially the Wake families’ eldest heir, Lord Alex.

With little to occupy his time, Lord Alex finds himself at the gaming tables, brothels, or his favorite club – anything but pursuing the marriage-minded misses of London. While daughters, mothers and gossip columnists pursue him, Lady Lydia tries to avoid him.  But does society really know him as well as they think?  Is Lord Alex a debauched soul, or has it all been an act, to cover the truth of his actions?

            If rumors are to be believed, Lord Alex has a dark side. But what do proper young women know of such things? What happens when the supposed sinner and the saint fall in love? And the truth comes to light when the saint is sucked into the dark world of the sinner? Can he save her and their love?


Loving Lydia available soon from Second Wind Publishing